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Lying and corruption

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed how each time some bad news comes out about the Bidens more charges come out in the Trump investigation? The corrupt media and the DOJ of the Biden administration are working hand in hand and the level of corruption is staggering. There has been a steady flow of news coming out this week about the corruption of the Biden family, and their selling of influence while ole lunch pail Joe was in office. It appears to have not exactly been a secret among those in the government. The FBI and the IRS had investigations going on about Hunter Biden being paid extremely large sums of money and the reason for these payments are still up in the air. The only way we know any of this is that an apparently a stoned Hunter Biden left his now famous laptop at a repair shop and forgot about it. This has to rate as one of the all time bonehead mistakes in the history of politics. He left it there so long it became the property of the shop owner and when he looked at it he saw a lot of illegal activity going on in the laptop so he turned it in to the FBI who then, and ever since have been actively trying to hide the information or discredit it. A pretty high percentage of Biden voters in 2020 said if they had known about the information on the laptop would probably have voted for Trump. The FBI was working in coordination with big tech to suppress that very thing. With anything resembling a legitimate press corps the election of Biden as the bumbling Mr Magoo of a president that we now have would not have happened. Also there was the group of fifty one intelligence officials who, using semantics, said it appeared to be a common type of Russian disinformation. They knew this was not the case so that is why they said it appeared to be. Total dishonesty on their part and they should all lose their classified privileges. The bottom line is that it is just another example of the media not doing its job. By not doing this it allowed dishonest members of the intelligence community to sway the election with their statement. The big question is why are some of the higher ups in the government so desperate to prevent Trump from being in power? Are the whispers of what goes on with children among people on the left true ? What is the reason for the desperate, no holds barred effort to keep themselves in power? Most of the media, though leftist, appear to be at least partially motivated by money and the massive salaries they are compensated with buy their allegiance to the cause. Those of us on the right have the power to combat all of this and many do not recognize it. Our power to choose where we spend our money is the trump card you might say. We must keep withholding our money from both Disney theme parks and premium channels. Also we should do our best to never use FB and maybe they will cease to try swaying elections. We must also pick out an advertiser on both CNN and MSNBC and ask that they stop subsidizing the corrupt activity going on at these media entities. We can start Turningthetablez on the left.

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