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Lying Media

Have you had enough yet? Have you been lied to, mocked, made fun of, laughed at enough by the people of whom you indirectly pay salaries to take action against them yet? Are you ready yet to take time to stop sending your money to these people? Have you seen them obviously coordinate with the political left to advance the liberal agenda? Have you seen them do whatever they can to smear conservatives and ridicule any agenda put forth by our side? They no longer try to hide any of their partisan goals, and distorting anything done by the right or just outright lying about it is not beneath them. The left has decided they are going to transform, excuse me, fundamentally transform America. We forget that Barack Obama was honest about this in his campaigning up to the 2008 election. We wonder what people who voted for him actually thought about this or did they even consider what the consequences might be. Now we have a legacy media plus CNN going all in to help the left and the democrats all they can. The very important Sunday are manned by an ex Clinton bimbo suppressor and two democratic hacks. What should be a valuable source of information has instead turned into weekly interrogations of any republicans who decide to go on these shows. The Disney owned ABC News is partially staffed by the intellectually challenged women of The View. They also the former bimbo controller himself Georgie Stephanopolous manning the once iconic This Week. So the next time you subscribe to a premium Disney channel or plan a trip to a Disney property you are, at least indirectly, funding the political left. This really is the only way to combat the left leaning corporate media. The money generated by these media entities is enormous even though very few people watch them.. Still they are an avenue for them to put out talking points and drive the conversation. CNN has anemic ratings but they still generate lots of money for AT&T which belies the need to cancel our AT&T cell phone service. Patriot Mobile is a good option for most people and they would nearly have to offer a cheaper deal. If all Trump supporters took these two actions it would make a monumental financial statement, and Disney and AT&T would be forced to rethink their political positions. Doing this would continue our goal of Turningthetablez on the corporate leftist media, and have a major impact on the political discussion in America.

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