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Lying Media and Their Accomplices

The corrupt, leftist, corporate media was on full display Monday for all to see. After the commando like raiding of Donald Trump's residence they were with furrowed brow commenting on how He is a menace to democracy. Apparently, the reason behind this was was to look for classified documents at his residence.

Welcome to a Banana republic fellow #Americans. The main #goal here appears to be preventing Trump from running for president on 2024. We here at Turningthetablez have been of the opinion for some time that the media is corrupt. It appears now that the FBI may also be corrupt. At least the hierarchy of it.

Lately there has even been whistleblowers come forward stating that. No doubt most FBI agents are devoted law enforcement officers. The election of Donald Trump immediately brought about about a flurry of frenzied activity among the political old guard and their accomplices in the media. It has turned out that the Russia investigation was a complete fabricated hoax. Have we heard a sorry we were wrong from the media? NO! Then there was a second impeachment attempt based on, appropriately, second hand information. Any acknowledgement from the media of being wrong? NO! By the way the first impeachment attempt was based on information paid for by his opponent Hillary Clinton. After years and millions of dollars being wasted on bogus investigations of Trump what happens now? The DOJ under AG Merrick Garland weaponizes the FBI to go in and Raid the home of Donald Trump to try to find papers he should not have. An important side note here is that the warrant was obtained from a magistrate judge not a district judge. Another interesting side note is that this magistrate used to work for Jeffrey Epstein.

It appears that it would not be unreasonable to assume that that this is a desperate effort to prevent Trump from running for president in 2024. The FBI seems to be working now by using excessive or intimidating tactics or force. After telling an FBI agent the previous evening if they needed anything to call him Peter Navarro was arrested and marched out of Reagan International Airport in leg shackles and cuffs. Other Trump affiliates have had their homes raided and been forced to stand out in the street in the middle of the night while their houses were searched. Now we are having it rubbed in our faces with Hillary selling BUT HER EMAILS caps and shirts to raise money for leftist candidates. She sent over 60,000 emails over an unsecure server stashed in a closet at her residence many of which were Top Secret and nothing was ever done! None of this would be possible without the media coordinating and working together with the DNC.

#CNN is covering this story like Trump was a terrorist. It's time, starting with CNN, to fight back. The journoactivists at CNN know this raid was an outrageous partisan use of a federal agency for political gain. It's time to get mad and vote in November so this raid and the #FBI hierarchy can be looked into. It's also time to get mad at CNN. If it can be cancelled off your TV package do it! Also its sister station HBO should be cancelled. If all Trump voters did this Discovery, the parent company of CNN and HBO, would have to deal with CNN being an arm of the DNC.

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