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Have you had enough yet? Have you been taken advantage of enough yet? We pay our cable bills. We shop and buy products for use at home and work. Then that money is used to buy advertising to pay the mega salaries of the journoactivists who are on the air spouting propaganda designed as news. The fact that they make high salaries is not the point. The point is that those high salaries are used to buy their commitments to toe the company line and say what they are told. This is not always the case because many of them are so dyed in the wool leftists they would nearly do it for free. In some way which we here at Turningthetablez have not figured out all of their propaganda activities are in some way very skillfully coordinated. While we are using the consumer to implement a ground zero effort to influence the funding of the corporate leftist media organizations, they are trying to silence all conservative media with a coordinated effort at the corporate level involving much fewer people than us. One of the big catchphrases being used now by leftist politicians and the allies of them in the media is the term "disinformation". This, to them, is a very useful phrase. It can be weaponized by them to aide in their goal of transforming America. We still have free speech in America. It is under assault though behind the scenes. The left knows it cannot just declare war on free speech. Even the very busy and mostly apathetic American public would not tolerate that. Instead of doing that when the political right says something they do not like or most likely just disagrees with they call it disinformation. Then they proceed to breathlessly tell us how harmful it is. The trouble is we on the right are always the ones from where they notice this disinformation is coming. Nearly all the "judges" of what is disinformation are leftists. The field is not level for playing if you know what I mean. A new way to silence the right is by using leftists to declare some message being put out by the right is "disinformation". Then, right on cue, the journoactivists in the corporate media report on it like they're David Brinkley. By that i mean like they have legitimacy and credibility. In reality what they are is highly paid pawns to be used by the left to achieve their political goals. In some areas of political thought they might even be referred to as "useful Idiots". To clarify the picture the left is using a group called the Global Disinformation Index to target sources of news that are, according to them, purveyors of disinformation. In the following column is a list of who they identified the main sources of disinformation. Remember that this is according to them. Their list is sent to companies and promoted as bad places to send advertising money because of their dishonesty. In reality these groups are political hacks who are not acting honestly. Here is a list of their main offenders.

1. NY Post

2. OAN

3. The American Spectator

4.Real Clear Politics

5. The Federalist

6. American Conservative

7. Reason

8. The Daily Wire

9. Blaze

10. Breitbart

I'm sure you notice there is no Meet The Press Or This Week on this list. No CNN or MSNBC either! We will dive into this more next time but for now remember to cancel Directtv and AT&T phone service. We must stay away from anything disney also. It's how we will go about Turningthetablez on the crooked and dishonest corporate leftist media.

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