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Media Bias

Have you seen enough yet?

The leftist corporate media is doing everything it can to aid and help the democrats transform America agenda. We, by trading with their advertisers, are subsidizing all of it. It's time we totally quit doing business with advertisers on ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC News and CBS News. Apparently 60 Minutes has been turned into the Attack Donald Trump squad for CBS. now we also have Chuck Todd going haywire on Meet the Press if anyone dares disagree with him on the virtues of anyone or anything democrat. Any republican that goes on that once revered show needs to be ready to do battle because he has no intention of doing an interview. He is there to do political battle on behalf of the democratic party. ABC News has The View and George Stephanopoulos doing the democrats bidding for them on this Disney owned network. The View is one idiotic view after another and Georgie Stephanopoulos is proof of what hard work can do.....He has went from "chief bimbo eruption" handler to now handling the flagship news show for ABC. David Brinkley must be spinning in his grave. CNN is till day after day spinning all its stories to benefit the left and the democrats.

They are hemorrhaging cash and laying people off in large numbers. From what we hear Don Lemmon is doing all he can to reduce payroll by yelling and berating staff to the point of them quitting. He's quite the asset to the press room!

The journoactivists that comprise the leftist corporate media are following orders and staying on all the stories being generated about Trump while apparently, Biden is owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese. In a massive news note it appears that Hunter Biden laptop is in fact owned by Hunter Biden. Is there Classified info on it? Something is going on with it because why else would the media be attacking anyone involved in the exposing of the laptop.

The bottom line is that the media gets its orders daily about what to report. What not to report and, also how to report it and what to stress are the stories of the day. Things are going very badly here in America. We have Bill gates and China buying up farmland and it is hardly even mentioned. Black Rock is leading the way as the financial system is being pushed to only work with the woke or politically correct. Citizen, all citizens liberal and conservative, better educate themselves starting right now. Independent news sources must be utilized to get the truth so that people aren't getting all their news from the "dep state" which is what the corporate media is a part of. It's time to change things. It's become a time for Turningthetablez.

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