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Media Bias and Dishonesty

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed how the media has begun to be even more biased, and also more in your face about their bias? They no longer are biased they have an outright agenda they are pushing forward. A liberal agenda, they might as well just call it a manifesto! ABC News parent company Disney is doing all they can to promote and advance the woke, liberal agenda. Doing so to the point of damaging itself severely financially. That is fine with us here at this site, we think those of us on the right and all MAGA folks should do all we can to help their financial demise along! Before they completely go under we expect Apple to buy Disney so we can hope Elon Musk starts selling phones soon. The political right has actually begun to fight back and it appears the response to that by the corrupt liberal media is to be even more blatant in their bias and agenda pushing. The most blatant corruption they are now practicing is to ignore the complete tidal wave of ineptness that is the Biden administration. The country is pretty much being dismantled by the left so they can reconstruct it in a socialist fashion. If you think things like The Great Reset, New World Order and globalist government are myths you really should look further into this. NONE of this would be possible if not for the complicit media working with the left to suppress any bad news about the Biden admin and help the political left advance their agenda. We must make every effort we can to make sure that none of our money finds its way to helping the left and their friends in the corrupt media.

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