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Media Comprised of Clowns and Recycles

Have you had enough yet? Have you spent enough money buying products that support the political left with its advertising dollars? Has you cable network cancelled news programs who share your viewpoint? It's not even so much that Newsmax shares our viewpoint, but they actually report the news. They, in no way, are as blatantly biased as the leftist corporate "legacy' media are toward the democrats. Do you use a phone service that owns a greedy, leftist cable network that cancels news shows that reflect your political beliefs while keeping on a number of hardly watched leftist news networks? AT&T should be replaced by Patriot Mobile by each and everyone of us as long as their service area is comparable. This would be a multi billion dollar statement from us to the left. Some people say we shouldn't do this but the left does this kind of stuff all the time. Just because it hasn't worked doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. They play to win, we play to make nice and be friends. The financial buying power the political right has is massive and should be used to make an impact. It's our only weapon to use against the left. They have no ethics, and many of them could even care less about harming America.

We have a President who is working with his grifter son to profit from his place in the government . Our border is wide open and Fentanyl along with migrants are streaming in. Undoubtedly many of these migrants who are not apprehended are dangerous. Even with all this going on the corporate news media is till spending significant time out of each newscast attacking Trump. Some of it, like the ladies on THE VIEW can be explained by ignorance and stupidity. Others like basically all the so called legacy media are just doing what they are told. To be fair that's what the hosts on The View are doing also, albeit gladly. We cannot help but wonder where these journoactivists get their marching orders. Where do the orders to toe the liberal line come from? Many people say K street. K street is a vague term used to describe a group of like minded liberal people who have a goal of influencing the direction of the country. Who makes the decisions to repeatedly recycle democratic hacks into the media? CNN does it in endlessly as does MSNBC. One of the most notable of these is George Stephanopoulos who ascended from "Chief Bimbo Suppressor" under the Clintons to Host of the iconic This Week Sunday news show on ABC. To be fair Georgie was a Rhodes Scholar but his ascension in the network news arena is undoubtedly related to his contacts in politics and also his leanings. To make a difference it is clear that we must deal with these woke companies in a financial manner. To start with Directtv needs to be replaced with a new cable tv provider and AT&T should be replaced as our mobile phone company. To combat their propaganda news network we should fight ABC News by totally avoiding any Disney properties and premium Disney channels. Along with that we should call any company advertising on these networks and ask them to cease all payments that subsidize the wokeness. Its Time for Turningthetablez on these purveyors of wokeness.

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