Media Liars

It's time to start holding the media responsible for lying to the American people. After years of lying to his viewers Chris #Cuomo is probably gone now, but not so much for lying to viewers. If not for being caught up in his brother's activities he would still be on #CNN lying to his viewers on a nightly basis. Now that Cuomo is gone #CNN will undoubtedly replace him with someone just as bad. Someone who will spout the same company line nonsense as Cuomo. If he\she does not they would be terminated in short order. It's not about news news or information with these journoactivists, it's about advancing the leftist agenda. Day after day they appear in designer clothing, full makeup and armed with extremely stoic looks on their faces as they spew forth their propaganda. Their methods for doing this vary and some journoactivists have mastered their craft more smoothly than others. Besides giving out downright untrue information, they do have a method to their madness.

For instance they use methods that cannot be traced or confirmed such as:

1) The infamous ANONYMOUS SOURCE! It's pretty easy to be anonymous when you're non-existent.

2) A variant of the anonymous source is when the reporter breathlessly divulges through a sweaty upper lip that their precious information being relayed came via the.....SOURCES TELL US portal. Sources tell us! This is one of their favorite and most reliable sources for much needed information that perfectly fits their narrative.

3) When the right has made a good point or is obviously in the right on an issue the media has a surefire strategy to combat this and we are sure you all will recognize the term DOG WHISTLE! Any good point or argument the right makes is automatically referred to by the Brian Stelters and Joy Reids of the world as an obvious dog whistle. Mostly it is used for racial instances, but the term is very versatile and can be used for many inflammatory purposes!

4) Now another variation of the term anonymous source. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO SAY......! This is yet another very versatile, useful and a bit of a catch all term utilized by the left. This term is especially versatile since it can be in the family of anonymous source. It can actually be an actual person also. The leftist corporate media looks high and low for "experts" to agree on air with any view the journoactivists put forth.

Take 5 minutes today and make a call to a customer service number (freely available on google) to one of the advertisers on the leftist corporate media shows. CNN and MSNBC have advertisers even though hardly anyone watches the shows. Politely request they cease advertising with on these shows , or announce your intent to stay away from their products.

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