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Media No Longer Even Hiding It

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen a complete and total effort by the mainstream media to ignore the corrupt Biden administration? The only entity out there that might be more corrupt than the Biden crime family is the corporate media. Is it any wonder that it was reported this week that the Washington Post is on schedule to lose $125M this year? When is the last journalism was practiced there? Disney, the parent company to ABC News, is hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate. Disney is making woke movies as fast as they can turn them out and the old adage go "woke go broke" may be coming into play here. Could our wildest dreams come true and ABC News come up for sale in the not too distant future? Maybe a conservative could buy it and after some personnel changes were made some real journalism could take place there. That kind of thing is sorely needed with events that appear to have taken place behind the scenes having to do with the business dealings of the Biden family. Millions of dollars have been paid to the Bidens in an apparent case of influence peddling. It's no longer really even a question that this has happened. Numerous whistleblowers have come forward talking about the obvious misdeeds done by the corrupt Biden family. They have also told of how the FBI and the IRS have impeded the investigations into the corrupt activities of the Biden family. It is very obviously blatant corruption that is being covered for by a corrupt leadership at the IRS and FBI. All of this is made possible by a corrupt and dishonest corporate media. The media does everything they can do to advance the democratic, leftist agenda and in this case that means not covering this blockbuster story. When we say they are not covering we mean they are covering it at a comparison rate of about 1% of the coverage of the farcical Trump indictments. Biden is the most corrupt and one of, if not the most, unimpressive politicians in American history. Still, the corrupt leftist media refuses to even acknowledge what has obviously been proven to have been going on. It is time to impeach Joe Biden even though there is zero chance the senate will convict him. At least by doing this the information can be brought out to the public so they can see for themselves what has been going on. Maybe they will even decide then to punish the corrupt leftist media companies financially for not doing what our media is supposed to be doing. We must keep up our boycott of Disney premium, channels and their properties because Disney is definitely feeling the financial pain brought on by their woke practices. We need to get organized and pick one big advertiser out on CNN and MSNBC to contact and make sure they hear our request to stop subsidizing the corrupt leftist media.

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