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Media Puppets

Have you seen enough yet? Have there been enough outrageous things done by the political left with the help of the corrupt media that it makes you nervous about where this country is headed? The press is made up of many corrupt people, and also it is made up of many, for lack of a better term, dumb people. These people can be used and manipulated by those on the political left to advance their agenda and move forward their political goals. Not only is the press corrupt, but it appears many people in the higher echelons of government are also obviously corrupt. Somewhere in the bowels of the democrat party there are [powers that are running everything. They are the ones giving out the talking points to the press, which now set the political agenda rather than reporting on it. We must start making an impression financially on these news media organizations or their parent companies. It is the only way, besides voting, that we can make an impact. The puppets in the media are just doing and saying what they are told to and the "powers that be" behind the scenes are running things. Who are they?

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