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Media Waging War on Rural and Traditional America

It has become very clear now that we have two out of control entities. The media is one of them. They are no longer doing journalism, they are activists promoting the ideas and causes of the political left on a daily basis in their columns and newscasts. The other is the political left/democrat party. They have now gone totally full bore to the left and are still moving politically leftward. Things have gotten totally nuts all of a sudden with how new ideas have been injected into the daily lives of most Americans. Things we took for granted are now under attack and trying to be changed. We no longer can simply take for granted we can call people men or women. Thanks to the political left and the media we now have a world where people can declare themselves to be whatever they feel like they want to no matter if it makes sense or not. There are even efforts out there, in the media and on the left, that people who espouse the traditional definitions of male and female can be sued or charged with a crime for doing so. The political left is very good at using selective left wing, wacko judges to advance their causes. Don't look now but they are, again with the help of the media, making progress daily. The democrats work in unison with anyone who gets out of line sure to come under intense attack. We should not be totally shocked by what is going on after all Obama said while campaigning that he was going to totally transform America. We wonder if, while making that statement, did he look at the cheering crowd and think what a bunch of chumps! Obama is an eloquent speaker, though many times he fails to really say anything of substance. Much of it is just a very slick production of pauses and smiles that he no doubt practiced in front of a mirror when he was younger. If you are a person out there who agrees with Obama and the political left then power to ya! We do not really understand what you could possibly be thinking, but it is your right. The old saying goes that we are all entitled to our opinion even if it is wrong. However, if you are one of the people who is not a leftist but voted for Biden because you think Trump is not "presidential" or rude we hope you are happy with what your vote helped to bring about. It is a mess and getting worse daily. Another category of Biden voters are the people who have been duped by the efforts of the corporate media. More and more the media is made up of recycled democratic lackeys like Stephanopoulos, or are married to democratic lackeys like Chuck Todd. It's time to wake up and realize these journoactivists are lying to on a daily basis in an effort to sway your voting choices. Remember how Todd shook his finger at people who refused the vaccine or thought Russiagate was a hoax. He lied to his viewers day after day after day. Now it comes to us, The wacko MAGA people, many of whom are rural who the media is in the early stages of declaring war on but we will get to that another day. People had better wake up to the very organized effort going on to get control of our lives led by the media. The media has complete and total disdain for anyone who supports conservative views. We should hold them in no less contempt and do our best to put these liars out of business. Make a quick phone call to customer service of any company advertising on the big three networks and CNN as well as MSNBC. Another thing we can do is avoid all things Disney. Cancel any premium channels and avoid all their properties. They own ABC News and also are very active in the promotion of the trans movement with our children. Drying up the cash flow is the only way to combat the leftist media because they have no shame or scruples or else they would cease all of their lying efforts to influence society.

Below the video could you put this.....Joke of a journalist Chuck Todd lose it over hiringbof McDaniel but he had no problem hosting fundraiser for Hillary in '16 while acting as host of Meet the Press

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