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Negligent Media

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed the bias and corruption present in the media today that extends to, at times, being anti American? Thanks in large part to the corrupt media we have a very weak president that is clearly struggling to deal with the tumultuous events going on in the world right now. During the election the Biden/Media team constantly trumpeted the saying that if Biden won then the adults would be back in charge. During the Trump administration there was very little mischief occurring by the usual cast of global troublemakers. Now with the so called adults in charge the world is very nearly in chaos. Biden, it is becoming more and more clear, is a figurehead, a puppet being used by the far left to further their asinine policy ideas. Biden does not make speeches or offer statements, he reads a prepared text from a teleprompter. On the rare occasion he takes questions from the press he has a note card in his hand with a list of friendly reporters of whom to call. Given how important the media is to a functioning democracy this is outrageous. This is yet another reason why we must use the only tool we have in our toolbox....stop giving money in any way direct or indirect, to the corrupt leftist media corporations. We have a world in chaos with people being tortured and beheaded and a large part of the media is siding with the animals doing the murdering. We have a congresswoman still saying, after definitive proof to the contrary that Israel bombed the hospital in Gaza yet there is hardly a peep on the news calling her out in the lie. The way wars are avoided is by calling out the bad guys early and often and supporting the good guys or attacked parties. All options should be used against these terrorists including massive sanctions on Iran and lethal force on the terrorists and Iran if necessary. Iran must be made poorer and weaker so they cannot use the groups like Hamas and others to do their dirty work. The people in charge in Iran do not want to be a martyr they want other people to do that so maybe a few well placed missiles might get them back in line. The other huge worry right now is how many terrorists have come across the border and are now in this country where they can do direct harm to us? The bottom line is that if our media did its job of reporting the news and spent less time campaigning for Biden and other liberals we would not be in the mess that is playing out today. Disney, the parent company of ABC News needs to be defunded. They allow democratic lackeys like Stephanopoulos and the brainiacs on The View to spend way too much time masquerading as journalists while spewing liberal talking points. CNN and MSNBC do damage to the country by masquerading as journalists while many times telling outright lies during their air time with the goal of furthering the advancement of the far left's political goals. We should all take the time each day to call one advertiser on these networks and ask if they would stop subsidizing the lies being sent forth on these networks. At some point we will need to discuss the possible need for the end of the pharmaceutical companies buying advertising time at all on TV.. By doing these things we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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