When looking for media members aiding and abetting the inept Biden administration they can be found in all directions. So many journalists display their activism and collusion with the DNC and the corporate left. The three network late night shows all seem to be working with the K street think tanks and the DNC. The Steven Colbert Show is bordering on the ridiculous when it comes to how far they are in the tank with the DNC.

ABC's #TheView can be nauseating as they obnoxiously align themselves with whatever far left issue is their cause of the day while savagely ridiculing anyone who dares to disagree with them. CNN, while becoming a ratings joke, is still putting forth the leftist corporate media's company line. Though their ratings are somewhere south of the Cartoon Network they still provide a megaphone for the leftists and their minions in the media.

Everyday very highly paid agenda presenters masquerading as journalists spew forth the leftist talking points for hours on end. MSNBC, to their credit I guess, does not even try to present themselves as balanced news/ legitimate journalist. They are sort of the Bernie Sanders of the news business, crazy leftist but at least they are honest and admit it. CNN swears they are legitimate news, but any half wit panelist on The View can see that's a lie. Any product advertising on either of these networks should be contacted and asked to stop subsidizing the political left megaphones used by the journoactivists.

The purchasing power of the political right can be used to influence advertisers spending habits. The corporate political left use the networks for the money and power they provide. Time after time they, along with the three legacy networks, are strategically used to set and promote the political agenda. Whether it's promoting a political idea or initiative, or bogusly reporting and promoting a needed attack on a political rival such as the fake Trump-Russia scandal. These networks are used as weapons by nthe left when needed. They promote fabricated scandals as needed to attack political rivals while ignoring any Biden family corruption scandals. They help to make sure a crisis, real or fabricated as needed, never goes to waste. This strategy is particularly obvious on the Sunday news shows. The obvious question is who is paying for this?

We are! Seriously, it's time for us to go to the trouble of tuning out and making a call to customer service. Disney, who owns #ABC news and The View should be boycotted totally for their promotion of fake news and wokeness currently displayed in their "modernizing" of classic Disney stories.

Simplisafe is a great product and company.

We here at Turningthetablez are thinking about using them but before we do we are going to call and request that they stop advertising on the bogus news networks.

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