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Only Ourselves to Blame

Are the American people really gullible enough and maybe even sufficiently stupid enough to vote to keep Chuck Schumer as head of the senate?

The things going on now in the US government kind of at times make you question whose side some of these people are on. Have we been infiltrated? Questions need to be asked and the media will not do it. Many, and probably a majority, of the media are leftists. How, when you can see Cuba, Russia, China and Venezuela as the total train wrecks that they are can you be in favor of that political philosophy? Now we have a president, who along with his DOJ that are apparently planning to beat Trump the only way they can. Fraudulently in the courts. If the Department of Justice, led by Merrick Garland, uses the joke of a committee to justify seeking an indictment of Donald Trump it's going to be a sad day. A sad day for the country and a sad day for Merrick Garland. If AG Garland allows his credibility to be trashed by working with the sham Jan 6 committee to railroad Donald Trump he will be remembered by this one action. Anyone not blinded by partisanship can see this committee is a total joke. From day one it has been a kangaroo court. The committee was intended to be used as a tool to attack Trump. The committee has been totally one sided and has failed to answer several very reasonable questions that when answered would be contrary to their goal. They have even went so far as to do some of the questioning in private to filter out out what they want to be released. Once satisfactory witnesses have been identified they bring them on in prime time. They even a Hollywood producer to help with dramatic effect. The main thing here is that the press should be pointing out what an irregular and orchestrated tool this committee is for the left by the media but they are praising daily on the airwaves. Why do they do this? Because they are not journalists, they are journoactivists with the goal of taking out Trump at any cost. Here are some of the many questions the committee and the media should be trying to find answers to but are not. ---At no time during these hearings has it been pointed out that Pres. Trump does not have the authority to order in the National Guard ---Did Donald Trump recommend use of the National Guard ---If use of the guard had been approved why did the DC mayor and Pelosi not activate them ---They have not allowed footage of Trump saying to the crowd to demonstrate peacefully, patriotically and then go home The pointing out of these facts should pretty much nullify the whole reason for this committee. That might be why they have not been allowed to come out. The absolute majority of the media have made no effort to bring out these facts. If anything they have made an effort to suppress them. CNN and MSNBC are working in alliance with this committee and might as well be sitting in front of a mic as members of this committee. At no time should any company that advertises on these networks or The View on ABC be done business with. Disney should be totally boycotted and any business advertising on CNN and MASNBC should be contacted and asked to cease this activity immediately. Today they are after Trump or a conservative state, but tomorrow it could be any of us on the right. Don't sleep until it is too late. Action, such as contacting these companies, will only take a few minutes and should begin immediately.

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