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Organized Deceit

Have you seen enough out of the people running our country that you are starting to wonder whose side they are on? Some of the decisions being made at the highest levels defy explanation. It is starting to look like it might be possible that China does in fact "own" Joe Biden. How could anyone thinking objectively be trying to end the oil and gas industry in America when our chief economic rival, China, controls most of the trace metals used in the making of batteries to power electric cars. They are blinded by their religion of the climate. This appears to be another action being put forth by the left to gain more control of our lives. Once again we have to point out that that ALL of the gains being made by the left are only made possible by the compliant leftist media. the democratic party has been hijacked by Marxist leftists and without the media doing its job of vetting the candidates the apathetic public can be tricked into electing Marxists. The compliant media along with the changing of voting laws, largely due to Covid, has led to more than a few extreme candidates being elected. Another change in voting that needs to be changed back is we now have a voting month in many states instead of an election day. Vote harvesting is a ticket to steal elections and must be stopped. Along with a corrupt media it appears that the FBI and the intelligence community were all in to help in the defeating of president Trump. We say defeat president trump instead of electing Biden because of how important it was for the left to to get rid of trump so they could achieve their political goals. The Hunter Biden laptop story which to any objective onlooker was clearly incriminating, was sat on by the FBI and scoffed at by the intelligence community. Time has shown it to not only be authentic but absolutely spot on as a source of incriminating evidence on the Biden clan. It has been really hard for this story to gain any footing due to the corruptness in the upper levels of the FBI sitting on it and the media suppressing it. It has gotten to the point that we must take each news story with a grain of salt. The majority of stories on the corporate leftist media are not really news but a part of the agenda put forth by the left. It seems that the idea of not spending money with woke companies has caught on with the Bud Light situation. Now we must remember to not spend one penny with Disney. In this way we can continue Turningthetablez on the left.

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