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This is Our Goal

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

On Turnthetabez our goal is to identify, publicize, and couter the corporate media. We on the right do not watch the corporate, leftist media. To be truthful I sometimes turn over to CNN just to see what craziness is happening. Sort of like driving by a car wreck. Not watching is not enough! Hardly anyone watches CNN or certain news shows on NBC, but they must be making money.

Our country has 330 million so only a small fraction of people have to watch it to turn a profit. Most of their viewers may be from Manhattan, Seattle and San Francisco and they are making it possible for these networks to provide misinformation to the people. How many people, who are very busy and don't watch much news, stop on one of the corporate channels and take their news as truth? #Rush called them the drive by media. This is low, they pray on the everyday, normal but very busy people.

The #CNN producer admitted they were being misleading and dishonest. The media has become a haven for activists masquerading as journalists. From this point on we will no longer use the term " journalist". We will use #journoactivist.

They are not just biased. They have and are aggressively putting forth their AGENDA! We have to stop being naive and recognize that our spending habits matter.

By using our power as a group

we can contact parent companies and advertisers to help this situation. It will take commitment and at times patience. There will be times when it won't be possible. We need to just do the best we can, as often as we can to not spend our money with these companies! We must Turn the Tablez!

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