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Outrageous Bias and Dishonesty

Have you seen enough yet? We try to send out two articles a week usually formulated over a group coffee meeting among self proclaimed political pundits. We have been delayed on this one but our opinions will be here for your scrutiny now. Hamas executes a cowardly attack on Israeli civilians killings over a thousand and injuring many thousand and what is the reaction from the corrupt leftist media and factions of the democrat party? They blame Israel! Congresswoman Talib basically blames everything this side of diaper rash on Israel evidence or not. BLM has come out in favor of Hamas with numerous public statements. Widespread demonstrations are occurring all across the country at college campuses. it is thought here that the vast majority of these demonstrations, and many of the public statements are the result of bravado being displayed by the very vocal minority. It has become kind of an in fashion thing to do in academia and Hollywood to blame Israel and side with whoever their adversary is at any given time. It has been apparent during some on the street interviews just how misinformed many of the protesters are. Some are utterly clueless, and many others are blinded by bias and hate in their animosity toward Israel which lead to their conclusion of blame no matter the evidence. Many of the powers that be on Wall St would like to blacklist campus demonstrators from employment, and we applaud that effort. An infiltration from within is occurring, and must be stopped abruptly. The corrupt leftist media is unwittingly a part of this with their continual asinine acts of journoactivism. After the horrible bombing of the hospital in Gaza there was a race between the political left and the media over who could condemn Israel first. Many of the big media outlets came out nearly immediately with headlines proclaiming Israel had killed hundreds by bombing a hospital. Even after evidence has come out virtually proving it was a misfired rocket Congresswoman Talib is still blaming Israel. At some point are her constituents not embarrassed by her anti-semitic, bigoted behavior? At the same point are some of her constituents not embarrassed by their decision to vote this person into congress? We also are still waiting on a press conference apology from the media outlets who proclaimed Israel to be the guilty party of the bombing of the hospital. It has to be asked how much of the stimulus leading to the mass demonstrations going on now were set in motion by the eagerness of the media to lay blame on Israel. The media are the stimulus for soooo much of what happens in the political world now days. They used to report on the happenings in the world but now they are used to set the agenda, and attack or exalt whoever they are told to by the powers that be behind the scenes. The only weapon we have to use against them besides not watching is making a total effort to never spend a single dollar that goes to their accounts. One way to do this is by totally avoiding ABC News parent company Disney in any way. Never go to any of the theme parks or subscribe to any premium channels. We should try our best to not send any money to them that can be used to pay the mega salary paid to Stephanopoulos. In this way we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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