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Partisan Damaging Press

Have you seen enough yet? Are there enough people out there now that believe it may be time to do something, to take action against a partisan and damaging media. From the refusal to cover and report on stories that are damaging to the democrats to the non stop attacks on Trump the media is no longer really trying to hide their goals of helping the democrats. Day after day we can read about, on conservative sites, about the corrupt Biden family and the the way the democrat party has gone totally bonkers. There are things going on now in the nation that even 10 years ago would have been considered insane and unacceptable. It has become obvious that all of this started with Obama declaration, which was inexplicably cheered by the voters, to fundamentally transform America. It appears at this point to be obvious that he is still, behind the scenes, doing just that. His biggest fans are still in the media who allow themselves to be manipulated by Obama and his people. Remember Obama staffer Ben Shapiro said that the media and the public were stupid and when plotting political strategy that needs to be kept in mind. To us the media is more a cheerleader with the same political goals as the democrats and also working hard to help them achieve their common goals. Being a critical unbiased media is not even on their radar of things to do. When the NYTimes came out with the polls showing Trump getting plenty of swing states by a comfortable margin this week the media has been in a complete panic. Georgie Stephanopoulos and his buddy Jonathan Karl actually came out and said the polls were frightening! They know that if Trump gets elected he will not make the mistakes he made last time with staffing and things will be exposed. Does anyone think the Epstein black book will no longer be hidden? It is our belief that any and all corruption in the government either by elected officials or by appointed ones will be exposed. The deep state will take a gut punch. The counter offensive against this effort will no doubt come from a well orchestrated and blatantly dishonest effort from the media. Shapiro may well have been right, the media is stupid. The public may be also but more than that the public is too gullible and uninformed. The electorate has absolutely got to stop relying on the corrupt, leftist corporate media for their information. Alternate, reliable and truthful sources of news are available and easy to access. Bongino, O'Reilly, Redstate, Townhall, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Tucker Carlson and even Joe Rogan are really good sources for places to get the truth about what is happening. These places are so much more reliable instead of getting information from recycled democratic hacks like Stephanopoulos and other highly paid news mercenaries trotted out there by the big three channels along with the jokes that are CNN and MSNBC. Companies that are promoting all the wokeness and PUSHING the transgender stuff down our throats should be avoided and hopefully put out of business. Target, Disney (who own ABC News) are two of the ones who should be targeted for avoidance. Spend your money somewhere else! This is the way to get going on Turningthrtablez on the democrats and the corrupt media making a profit by getting our spending dollars.

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