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People Better Start Paying Attention

Have you seen enough Yet? The deep state or whatever you want to call the mechanism of people who act in unison and are devoted to transforming the fundamental structure of America is hard at work trying to transform this country. They are hard at work in a battle against the traditional ways and values of America. If you haven't already you should read up on what the G20 is. The people trying to change traditional America are not all in America. They want to centralize control over money and basically everything else. One of their biggest tools for doing this is the media. The media, with their leftward tilt, goes about its daily business of advancing the agenda of the left. One day this will come back to bite them in the butt because they will come under the power of the left also and be totally controlled by the left as it is in socialist countries. We need to be on alert for any kind of effort to take freedom away from citizens and this can be tricky as the left does this one tiny step at a time. It's all crafted professionally to seem as an attractive package to viewers or listeners and then they move ahead one tiny step at a time. People had better start paying attention and educating themselves about what is going on in the world. Not all of the crazy stuff you hear and read about is a conspiracy theory. People need to find out about The Great Reset. They need to know what goes on with the World Economic Forum and the G20 summit. All of this stuff is an important part of our future and it is all being either pushed or hidden by the corporate leftist media. We have Hillary Clinton saying Trump supporters need to be formally deprogrammed. You cannot disagree with the hard left. If you disagree with these self proclaimed intellectual superiors there must be something wrong with you. And only they can fix you!! If people were to come to your house and totally try to change your lifestyle by brute force you would not put up with it. Why are we putting up with the left and their allies in the media trying to stuff so much of this social transformation down our throats? It's time we told the left to put a brake on this transforming the country that started in 2008. If we wouldn't put up with them coming to us and doing all this in person how much longer are we going to put up with them doing it by proxy using the media and huge cash influxes sent by people, many of whom do not even live in this country. We have a state being used by the left for an all out assault on the man who tens of millions of people in this country voted for twice and much of his appeal is that he actually had the audacity to pit America first. America and its citizens. We've seen all the crap put on us by the media in an effort to enhance the message put forth by the left and truth does not enter into the equation. They lie day after day and attack anyone who puts up a fight as someone who is flawed or maybe even needs deprogrammed. in more extreme cases they have used lawfare to attack opponents causing great cost and public derision. It's time to start taking action and making great effort to use the only weapon we have to us against them....our non spending power. Cancel those Disney/ABC News premium channels and stay away from those theme parks. Their support for indoctrination and woke philosophy should not be supported. Neither should the daily lies put forth by ABC News and The View. Other mainstream media outlets are just as bad and we should all pick out advertisers to contact and ask that they cease giving money to these lying, leftist media entities. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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