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Punish the Corrupt media

Have you seen enough yet? Has the bias and meddling of the media in the daily affairs of the country gotten to the level where you are ready to action against them? The corrupt media is succeeding in their efforts to influence the population of this country and their voting choices. The founding fathers said repeatedly how important it was to have an independent and free press functioning to hold the politicians responsible for their actions. We have a majority of our media who act as activists, and might as well be an arm of the DNC. Many of the people manning positions in the media now are recycled politicians or democratic lackeys like Stephanopoulos or many others. Speaking of Georgie one of the most outrageous interrogations to happen on the news occurred this weekend with his interrogation of Rep. Nancy Mace. He shamelessly attacked her asking how she could support Trump with him being convicted of rape? Trump was not convicted of rape, it was a trumped up civil case in a kangaroo court. The lady accusing him could not even remember what year it happened and when she told what she was wearing it was not even available until many years after the vague time period she gave. It is a dangerous thing to make light of a woman's claim of rape but in the days after Trump's verdict his accuser was on MSNBC giggling and joking about taking all the newscasters/activists working that night on a big shopping spree. Previously she had told Anderson Cooper on CNN how sexy rape was, causing him to immediately go to a commercial. The most bothersome thing about Stephanopoulos's actions is the fact that he got his start in politics handling Bimbo eruptions for Bill and Hillary Clinton. It seems he is referring back to his old line of work berating and belittling rape victims. He does this because ABC News and its parent company Disney wants him to do this. There are so many honest and reliable sources out there right now for news nobody should watch the joke that This Week has become anyway. O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Tucker, Valuetainment, Bongino, Daily Caller, Townhall, Newsmax are just a few, even Fox News should be used for news. Disney should be boycotted by anyone who is not a confirmed leftist, they are totally in the bag for the political left, and are for the grooming of children. Any company that advertises on any of the CNN and MSNBC or recycled democrat/journalist shows should be contacted and asked politely to stop the advertising. We must stop the money, at least from us, flowing into these leftist media entities. This is how we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt corporate media.

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