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Real News Sources

Have you had enough yet? Have you been lied to and mocked by the journoactivists enough that you are ready to take the financial steps necessary to punish them? In the last few articles we went over how the media lie, and even went over a rigged system employed by them using the term disinformation to target any group that disagrees with them. The Global disinformation Index is a fancy sounding name that is nothing more than a tool used by the left to deceive everyday Americans who in many cases are just too busy to take the time to see where the information they are getting is originating from. Then there is the group of people who do not really care as well as the leftist in the voting population. The left, by using vote harvesting, prey on many of the apathetic voters to kind of wrap up or corral votes. We on the right may need to start putting this practice to use ourselves with strategically placed ballot boxes and making sure all republicans do in fact vote. The "average Joe or Joan" who doesn't like what is going on had better start paying attention to the news they are getting or they may wake up in a country they don't recognize soon. The left has publicly said they intend to fundamentally transform America, and they are hard at work doing it. They are aided daily by the leftist corporate media who work in a coordinated effort to accomplish the goal. Being uninformed no matter how busy we are is something we must work to change. Today we will list a group of news sources that can be listened to or read to gain useful and accurate information about the events going on in the world and here at home. Some of these are not really what would be called straight news but they are still better than CNN or the big 3 networks at presenting a truthful, accurate reporting of the news. As far as we know none of these sites employ anything close to democratic hacks Chuck Todd or George Stephanopoulos those stalwart beacons of didinformation always skewed to the benefit of the left.

1. - No political correctness here. They dig and present facts not found in many sites.

2. The Gateway Pundit - A wide array of varied subjects here, but very informative.

3. Red - Make no mistake they are conservatives but that's ok. They are truthful and informative with a wide collage of skilled writers.

4. - Another site similar to ones above. Many things to choose from for info and like the ones above...accurate and informative.

5. Newsmax - If you haven't cancelled your Directtv you need to. It is conservative news but we need alternatives to CNN and the big 3.

6. Fox News - I get aggravated sometimes that they give crazy leftists (Juan Williams, Leslie Marshall) a stage but they make a real effort to be balanced which if they are a straight news organization is legit.

7. The Epoch Times - This one is not free but it's worth it. Very high quality with their own produced video news and interviews.

8. Breitbart - The pull no punches site that must be doing good work since the left is perpetually on the attack of this site.

9. The Blaze - Glenn Beck is awesome, he used to be called a conspiracy theorist now he just might be called smart.

10. Washington Examiner, Washington Times - these are for the people wanting a more traditional yet truthful and accurate news source.

The bottom line is places like CNN, MSNBC and the big 3 (CBS,ABC,NBC) are lying to you daily and are intent in helping the globalist agenda promoted by the left.

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