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As much as we would have enjoyed seeing Jeff Rucker fired for his ruinous tenure as the head of CNN a forced resignation may turn out to be quite fun. Zucker w3ho turned CNN "the most trusted name in news" into a complete joke. Viewership is down as much as 90% on many of their shows. In any other field of work aside from corporately subsidized journoactivism this would be grounds for dismissal. It now appears his resignation

may have more to do with the dismissal of Chris Cuomo than his relationship with a colleague. Apparently the tantrum currently being thrown by Cuomo is integral to the removal of Zucker. Cuomo was fired for collaborating with his brother/governor against the women accusing him of inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior. It is now being said that not only was Zucker aware of the Cuomo brother's plans, but he may very well have been involved in the conspiring along with them. Now word is out that Cuomo wants $60M for the money left on his contract and for lost future earnings. It's been widely reported that Cuomo, on his way out the CNN door, said he would burn the place down. For once maybe Cuomo was being truthful. It pains us to say it but we agree with Chris Cuomo.....sort of. There is no doubt that he deserved to be let go. At the same time he was obviously thrown under the bus by CNN. The powers that be there at CNN not only approved of his helping his brother, they may very well have been involved in helping CNN Cuomo help his brother. Either way his show has been front and center in the CC lineup, largely attacking Trump and the republicans. From his very misleading "return" from his basement exile to his question of " where does it say that a protest has to be peaceful?" truth and accuracy were a regular in the lineup on his show. Despite this he was an integral part of the network until caught red handed helping his brother plot against the women he was being accused by. Can you imagine the reaction if someone on Fox, or a Trump had been caught doing this? The truth is Chris Cuomo will land on his feet. Maybe ABC will hire him and he can work with a true professional in bimbo eruption control. Georgie Stephanopolous!! Something has to be done, these people are doing harm to this country. Now, one by one, the liberal journoactivists drawing the big salaries at CNN are telling their viewers how devastated they are about Zucker's removal. No doubt they are. With Zucker in place these extreme liberals had a daily platform to spew their activist message. Day after day the activists at CNN pursue their activist agenda through lying or at the very least their dishonest use of semantics. AT&T has stood by for years and allowed Zucker and his minions pursue their far left agenda and most of all Trump bashing. Toda we advocate for a money saving change for many of you.

Drop your AT&T coverage and switch to Patriot Mobile. This will save money, their approval rating higher and most of all they do not approve of the journoactivists at CNN. Patriot Mobile (972) PATRIOT

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