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Spending Habits Matter

Have you seen enough yet? Is it time for the people on the right, the MAGA masses, to exercise their right to not spend their money which will may benefit the woke left? The money we spend on everyday items and entertainment goes, in many cases, to benefit the political left. As this is pretty much our only weapon, for sure it is our best one, to use against the the corrupt media and the woke corporations out there we had better use it! The stopping of money moving into the coffers of the politically involved "woke" companies and media entities is the only real weapon we have to use against the biased and corrupt companies on the left. The importance of this cannot be understated because unwittingly many people on the political right fund the efforts of the woke left by the way they spend there money. Spending habits now matter! It matters where and with which companies we trade and spend our money. Target, Disney, Bud Light and Dick's sporting goods are a few of the companies who we spend money with at times and they in turn use that money to advance the political left's agenda by promotion and direct funding. If all the MAGA people got organized and cancelled all their Disney premium channels along with their vacations to Disney properties it would make a huge impact on the bosses at Disney. The parent company of ABC News and THE View might care more about the fact that ABC News has become a propaganda arm of the DNC. We have ABC News paying a democratic hack (George Stephanopoulos) millions of dollars a year to push all things liberal and woke while doggedly arguing with any republican daring to go on This Week. Target is pushing all the transgender stuff on our children and at some point doesn't that become reason enough to inconvenience ourselves into not setting foot in a Target? Dick's has done all they can do to promote and make more accessible the ability to get an abortion. Make no mistake it is the right of these companies to do all these things but it is also our right as consumers to pick and choose where we spend our hard earned money. In doing this we can possibly begin to affect the spending habits and get the attention of these companies who help make it possible for the media to be the corrupt propagandists that they are. We can make an impact and start Turningthetablez on the corrupt, biased media.

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