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Sticking to his Story

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Have you seen enough yet? Has the corruption and damage being done by this corruption of the media caught your attention? The blatant corruption of the media has been on full display during the terror attacks on Israel by Hamas. We had numerous outlets proclaiming the Gaza hospital bombing originated in Israel as soon as they could the information out to the masses. As it turned out fairly quickly to be a factually wrong report the headlines began to change. It was too late, the damage had been done. This is not of any real concern to those in the corrupt media since their goal was to paint Israel in the worst light anyway. By the time they had changed the story outraged anti-semites looking for a reason to raise a ruckus had all the reason they needed to start the demonstrations. The corruption in the media directly leads to corruption in government since the media is not doing its essential job of keeping members of the government honest. There has been a development in the media world, it now seems possible that tucker Carlson may be expanding his media efforts to the extent that he may become a viable daily option in the choices for information. Not just information, but accurate, truthful information. So many of the politicians now lie and get away with it because of a complicit media. Not only will the media not call the liars on the carpet they will outright help and cover for the lying politicians. This was apparent when Biden was being interviewed on 60 Minutes Sunday. Pelley did all but answer his own questions at times. Former CIA head Leon Panetta is still sticking to his story, though he is lying, about Russia helping Trump. Bret Baier made an effort to call him on his lie, and even seemed somewhat shocked by the assertion made by Panetta but Leon stuck to his story while laughing nervously. We give Baier credit for the effort, but if a person is going to repeatedly lie blatantly there is not much he can do. At some if the country is going to survive, citizens have to stop being so easy to fool by these liars. The combination of a bunch of lying politicians emboldened by a complicit media is a very damaging thing for the country. A vigilant media is essential to a functioning democracy. We must remove, as best we can, all of our dollars from these corrupt media practitioners and find alternate, better sources for our news. Instead of watching network or cable news subscribe to The Epoch Times. Newsmax is a very reliable cable news network. Though not as good as it used to be Fox News still if far better than CNN or the old three networks for news. is awesome as is Bill O'Reilly's news channel/website. On YouTube Valuetainment gives interesting perspectives on issues. The important thing we need to do though is stop sending money to the corrupt, leftist corporate media. Cancel or avoid all things Disney so as to not help pay the salaries of Stephanopoulos or the ladies on the View. We will leave you now with an old political democratic hack embarrassingly sticking to his story.

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