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Have you had enough yet? Have you been lied to, mocked, and actually made fun of enough yet to take necessary steps to make a difference? Everyday strange and hard to figure out decisions are being made by people in our government. Many , if not most of these decisions are made by non elected persons. They are installed in important, impactful positions and then told what to do by the elected individuals who are thereby insulated from the bulk of the criticism, blame and responsibility from the consequences of these actions. These efforts are highly coordinated. We have not yet figured out that part of this effort but we are working on it, as are others. The third leg of this diabolic triangle is the leftist corporate media. The elected officials along with the ever present and growing presence of the think tank staffers present the idea or policy to the elected leaders who then act on it. That's right many of your elected officials are not intellectual juggernauts! Then as part of the legislative triad the leftist media extolls the virtue of the policy and savagely condemns anyone who might take issue with or disagree with it. Many times this is done by using one of the ists. Racist, sexist or any of those along that line where they can quickly condemn the dissenters. This is a very effective strategy because decent people have a real aversion about being accused of these things. Whether or not the accusation is true does not matter to the journoactivists making the bogus accusation. We believe the majority of legitimate racists reside in the political left. They are constantly denigrating the ability of people of color to vote. Then, of course, the only way to remedy that is by methods that make it easier for the left to cheat in elections. I am sure Stephaopolous, Chuck Todd and rest of the insanely overpaid people on network news would be aghast to hear that accusation, but they know it's true. That dishonesty is what makes them masquerading as journalist so stomach turning. We on the right may not be able to go buy controlling stock in these media companies but we can have massive power, when working together to impact their bottom line. By doing this maybe we can change how they do business and bring back real journalism. Remember to cancel your Directtv and AT&T phone. High quality viable replacements are easily available. Patriot Mobile certainly deserves a look. By doing these things we can continue Turningthetablez on the elite leftist media.

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