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Surrounded by Corruption

Have you had enough yet? Have you been lied too enough that you are now ready to take a few minutes each week to stop financing the corrupt media. The media is now, as much as ever, being used as an attack dog against democrats political rivals. If you are politically aligned with conservatives, a member of MAGA, or a Trump voter you are in the crosshairs of the left. Prepare to have any method of attack or intimidation used against you. You may be fine as just an average everyday citizen. That may be true but if you decide to run for office or voice your opinion you will come under attack where the goal is to completely destroy your life. The goal of the left now seems to be stocking DA and US attorney offices with hard leftist attorneys who jump at the chance to prosecute anyone politically opposed to them. Whether it is Donald Trump or someone who was present at the Jan 6 rally for Trump. I used the word rally because, no doubt there was some rioting going on that day there is doubt as to whether feds were intermingled to incite things. Many of the people previously arrested have still not had a trial? Why does the news media not report on this? Because the vast majority of them are on board with whatever the DOJ decides to do with any opponent of the liberal regime. Remember that the way today's media works is by obviously coordinating with with each other behind the scenes they interview targeted people who will answer in ways that are helpful to the liberal cause. This is done time after as it is needed to set the agenda or to counter a negative. We still have not figured out the coordination behind this but there is no doubt coordination. It is time we on the right get coordinated and use our power to not purchase items of advertisers on these liberal journoactivists networks. It is time also the Americans get mad and decide enough is enough. Voting is a big responsibility and too many voters vote without educating themselves. Too many apathetic voters are dooming their own way of life by believing whatever is told to them. We must assume all politicians are liars until they prove otherwise. If a politician is saying that seems nearly too good to be true then they are probably lying! The same is true of most of the reporters on tv. If they were not dyed in the wool leftists then they probably wouldn't be kept as employees by the big 3 networks and CNN. ABC News is owned by Disney and Tea Party or MAGA people should spend a dime on anything associated with Disney. A phone call should be placed to many company that advertises on any of these networks. Withholding our spending is the only way we have to combat the leftist corporate journoactivists. Make a phone call to customer service or cancel all things Disney. It would be a start at Turningthetablez on the leftist corporate media.

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