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Have you seen enough yet? It's getting pretty hard to not notice both the corruption in the DOJ, or the matching corruption in the media. Trump is under an all out assault by the Justice Dept of the Federal Government while at the same time the DOJ is doing all it can to protect the Biden family and their corruption. Some of the most corrupt legal and business dealings going on right now involving the Biden crime family and the corrupt DOJ with hardly a word coming out of the corrupt leftist corporate media about it. This should be a constant all out frenzy of media activity related to all this corruption. There has always been to some extent a certain level of corruption in our government, but this is a level and a type of corruption that has never been seen before in our country's history. The Biden's have raked in tens of millions of dollars for no other apparent reason but the ability of Joe Biden to influence policy decisions at the highest levels of our government. On the other hand the DOJ is in the middle of a Blitzkrieg aimed at Donald Trump in a way that has never been seen before. The whole legal division of the federal government has been weaponized against a single person not ever seen before , and yet not a critical word of coverage from the big three networks or those stalwart journalists at CNN or MSNBC. The power of the ability to not spend their money in certain ways by the political right along with those making up the silent majority is now there to be seen by all who care to look. If you doubt that give a call to Bud Light, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond along with others who have suffered financially for going woke. These companies who are promoting the Woke agenda deserve to go broke, and should not get one dime of our money when they use it to promote and further causes that we are against. The same should be said about the corporate media companies who work everyday to help advance the liberal agenda and do all they can to help the democrats. We have the DOJ no longer trying to even hide their agenda of attacking conservatives and there has hardly been a word from the media reporting on it. The IRS and the FBI appear to be being weaponized and used as tools against the conservative right also. The only way we have to fight against these media entities is to remove our money from their streams of revenue. The parent company of the corrupt ABC News is Disney, and we should stay away from their properties and premium channels so we are not subsidizing their promotion of the woke agenda. Also, we need to pick out a couple of advertisers on CNN and MSNBC to call and ask that they not advertise with these two corrupt media entities. We must take the time to vote and work to help elect conservative candidates, but we must also take the time to be more careful about where we spend our money as to not finance the wokeness of America.

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