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Take Down Power Brokers

Have you seen enough? Have you been convinced yet that maybe too much power is being concentrated in just a few areas? The leftist corporate media has way too much control over the release of information to the voters. They utilize this information chokehold to influence American voters decisions at the polls. Our basic point here at this site is that we, as consumers and conservatives, subsidize this activity by trading with the companies who keep these media leftists afloat by spending their advertising dollars with them. That is how these leftist corporate media monsters are kept open doing business, by advertising dollars. We must continue combatting all of the wokeness in business whether it is Anheuser Busch, Disney, CNN or anyone else that uses their position in business to advance wokeness. What happened to Bed Bath and Beyond needs to happen to other companies that promote wokeness. Go woke go broke needs to be made more common. Disney is the parent company of ABC News which would make them the doting parent of The View girls and former "Chief Bimbo Controller" for the Clintons Georgie Stephanopoulos. The ABC news show This Week has been on the air for decades and now has been reduced to being hosted by democratic lackeys Georgie and Martha Raddatz . We are not saying all these people are bad people we are just saying they are in no way unbiased and their presentation of the news displays that in a very obvious way. As a side note any readers who wish to say say Joy Behar is a bad person will not be argued with at any time by anyone here at All Disney premium channels should be avoided by any conservative not in favor of indoctrination of children and their theme or amusement parks should also be avoided. The objective of doing this is to avoid the paying, with our money, the salaries of the leftist journoactivists promoting their leftist agenda. Bed Bath and Beyong along with Bud Light are being dealt with in this very effective manner and more companies like Disney and Comcast should be also. So take time today to cancel any and all Disney premium channels and contact one advertiser on CNN or MSNBC and NBC news. The only way we can make a difference is by using our only weapon....our wallet. Rather the non using of our wallet. The non buying power of the political right is one of the powerful weapons at anyone's disposal in the political battles going on today in America. Use it

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