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The Huge Deception

We've been lied to. At the very least we have been #deceived. That's a fancy way of saying we've been lied to. We have been planning to write about this topic for quite some time.

You may be asking which lie?

Since this is a site dealing with the media agendas and dishonesty we really should be more specific about which lie we are talking about.

Did Anthony Fauci with the help of the media hide the origins of the corona virus? Was it funded by the NIH? More and more the question of whether and why therapeutics are being discouraged is coming up.

In addition to these questions people are asking if all the "Covid deaths" were actually due to #Covid. Was the cause of death Covid or did the deceased have Covid while the cause of death was something else?

The died with Covid vs died while testing positively for Covid is the question. #CNN has even asked this question on their channel in the last week.

Even though the corporate media act on what Bill O'Reilly referred to as an "ideological script" will they stay on message as viewership plummets and revenues diminish? Some substantive questions are are actually being posed on corporate media shows, but now we are hearing of a shocked and appalled white house complaining directly to the #press.

In several cases after these scoldings media sites have changed #headlines to placate the powers that be in the White House. There are people who say (sound familiar?) That Speaker #Pelosi collaborates with media members on the best way to get the liberal message out. The republicans on the house oversight committee have announced evidence has been found that signals #Fauci lied to the committee about whether the #NIH funded gain of function research in Wuhan. It has become blindingly obvious that the media colluded/lied with the DNC over the Russian collusion farce. Will the continue to bury the news about research in Wuhan? What will be next in their bag of deceptions?

The leftist media doesn't only sit on stories they also fabricate them from thin air. Our bet is they will continue being the journoactivists we expect them to be. Will Georgie Stephanopoloussuddenly forget he is a $15M a year democratic lackey? Will Chuck Todd suddenly turn into a real life journalist?

No, they wont because they would be fired if they did! Big corporations trying for agenda driven big profits control the media and they are getting exactly what they are paying for. By spending our money with these companies that advertise with these shows that are an arm of the DNC we are subsidizing the left.

Stop being naive! Turnthetablez on the media and speak with customer service depts of the #advertisers of these shows harming our country.

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