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The Looney Lying Left

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been witness to enough lies, bias and fabricated stories by the media that you are ready to take action? The political is waging an all out war on the way of life enjoyed by the vast majority of people in this country. If you live in the heart of the country, the fly over states as they are called, they are out to ban many of your traditions and just in general change your entire life. The so called elites who reside on both coasts know more than we do and will dictate to us how we should live our life. These efforts, though crazy and extremely condescending, are totally backed up by all their accomplices in the mainstream media. It's not about how crazy the ideas are. What matters is they are trying to slowly, but surely, take control of your life. It is done in small steps so as to not arouse outrage and lynch mobs. Combustion engine powered vehicles are really nice but they must be eliminated from our world according to these people on the political left and their allies in the mainstream media. The newest items in the liberal know it alls crosshairs are meat. Going along with meat are dairy products and privately owned cars. How far out in the future are they wanting to do this you ask? Try 2030! When we first saw this we did a quick mental double take because this is pretty outrageous stuff. No meat, no dairy and no privately owned cars. This is now being proposed by fourteen of the largest metropolitan areas. These lunatic ideas are being proposed by elected officials in the cities. The big question we have is....Who are the people who elected the people crazy enough to think these are good ideas? This is a new concept in its infancy but that is how all their ideas start out then the media does what they are told and starts promoting them. The other thing going on is that more and more it appears to be obvious that the Biden family were working in conjunction with whatever elected position Joe held to make money. The really incriminating part of this is that ol' Joe seems to have gotten a cut of all the proceeds. His son Hunter has said just that in emails to family members but the media refuses to cover this. Many people think tough guy Joe Biden should be impeached and there is little doubt at this point he deserves it but there is no way the democrat senators would convict him. The biggest drawback to impeaching Biden is Kamala would then be president and she is absolutely even less up to the job than Joe is and he is senile! The media is in a panic about the ineptness displayed by the democrats at the top of the dem food chain. We must vote and we must continue to make targeted non buys or boycotts of woke companies and media entity advertisers. To punish them financially is the only way we have to punish them and they are damaging our country. We must continue our efforts to continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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