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The Media Is Insane

Have you seen enough yet? Now we have got the media trying to cover for Hamas! Just when you think they have sunk to depths never seen before they do stuff like covering for terrorists. On the same day a hostage was beheaded by Hamas an ABC reporter asked John Kirby if they thought Israel was playing by the rules in their war with Hamas terrorists. We're sure Disney must be proud. Yet another reason to avoid all things Disney. The media has pretty much declared themselves to be on the side of the terrorists in this current conflict. Either what is said on the airwaves or in broadcast journalism there has been very little doubt where the majority of the journoactivists lay their allegiance in this Israeli-Hamas conflict. Lots of the questions coming from the journalists center on whether or not the Israeli Defense Forces are breaking the rules of war which besides being stupid is very telling. Do so many of the herd of journalists not know that Hamas started this by attacking and killing Israeli civilians? The real story is not that they were killing civilians, the real story is the details of how and who among the civilians they were killing. Not to go into details here but it is now well known that babies were killed and some of the people killed were burned alive. Then after this the media, or at least some of them, are pushing a make a deal or push a cease fire line. At some point the media have to held to account for their bias and lies. The voters are being held to account now for who has been voted into office. The voters had better start paying attention to what is going on and not let a slick polished line from the media convince them who to vote for. The parent companies should be held to account also, because the financial pain brought on by the boycotts by people on the right is the only way we have to win this argument.

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