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The Media's Agenda is Blatantly Biased

Have you seen enough yet? The corruption level of the corporate media continues to rise every day while also becoming more and more blatant. They are no longer worried about the appearance of things and how they are perceived as unbiased by the general uninformed public. The corrupt corporate media, and their parent companies such as Disney rely on the fact that a lot of the American public is so busy they do not research any of the crap they are told on the news. They rely on the fact they can lead with deceptive headlines or just outright lie to the consumers of the news. The average joe out here working for a living is a joke to these journalists. They are someone to be mocked and laughed at while the journalists and their allies on the left instruct them how to vote, and how to live their life. We even have the political left now telling us what appliances we can use. We are the people who make this country run everyday. We do not need the unelected elites from here or any other country telling us what we should be doing on a daily basis. This is where things are headed with the help of the corporate, leftist media. The corporate media continue everyday in their goal of helping the political left advance their agenda. behind the scenes somewhere there is an effort to organize all of this effort behind the scenes, and we are not sure who is doing it but it seems like something that would be headed by a community organizer, leftist kind of guy. For now regardless of where this is being led from the only way we have to fight against it is to not spend our money in a way that would benefit the left. Disney, The Washington Post and the NY York Times are three leftist entities that are currently suffering financially and if we on the right would make more of a concerted effort to not spend our money in a way that helps the left we could really make a huge impact. Go to places like Bill O"Reilly, Bongino, Newsmax, Valuetainment and even Joe Rogan for honest and accurate coverage of the issues. Places like Disney ( parent company of The View and ABC News) are all in with the woke agenda and should be totally out of our loop for places to spend our money. We have to stop paying the salary of their chief news guy Stephanopoulos who is a Clinton lackey and has no intention of being a legit journalist. We must continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt corporate media.

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