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The Resetting of American Culture

It's time to do something about this journoactivism!

They are harming our country, and lying to our faces daily. The main question we are facing now is what or who is funding/driving this agenda. The things happening now in #America are hard to believe. We have groups going into stores and wiping them out. Literally taking everything in the store! Then Soros backed DAs refuse to prosecute the criminals in the majority of these cases. San Francisco has seen 23 Walgreens stores close now, most due to being robbed by people walking in and leaving with trash bags full of merchandise with no fear of arrest.

With the help of the leftist corporate media the socialist left are advancing their agenda daily bit by bit. We have a seismic shift going on in our society right now that is being fueled by the journoactivists in the corporate media. From things like the removal of statues like Thomas Jefferson in New York to the non-policing of retail stores in the big cities. Really, who could blame a police officer for not wanting to get caught up in a law enforcement situation where they could be punished for simply doing their job. They definitely know in most cases that city hall will not have their back. Once highly respected by the population and revered by nearly all kids [police officers now are criticized and often even ridiculed. We think , and most polls show, that the vast majority of the public still holds the Police in high regard. The media and leftist groups fan the flames of division and racism with formulated terms like systemic racism. Their goal is to advance their agenda and some people also use these situations to profit for themselves. there is no doubt that racism still exists, but its being dishonest to assert that there has not been tremendous improvement in this area despite what #MSNBC and #CNN say.

Though some police have done some very bad things nearly all police officers live up to their motto of To Protect and Serve. When a #police officer does anything that can be questioned whether malicious or not very highly paid Journoactivists swoop in like vultures and run it repeatedly on the air trying to drive home their agenda. They then do interviews with celebrities who very often criticize the police and arms bearing Americans , and then promptly leave the studio many times escorted to their limo by armed body guards.

The hypocrisy can be cut with a knife if they haven't outlawed those yet too. It really is an embarresment to society the way these journalist demonize law enforcement. It's the leftist corporate media who are spending their time trying to divide us and aid their allies on the left. Mostly they do this by either ignoring the misdeeds done by the left, or explaining them away with sympathetic guest on their shows. All of this is done under the umbrella that they are relaying what the average Joe thinks but the polss obviously show this to be false. At some point the media is going to have to be held to account for the ignoring of the Hunter Biden "misdeeds".

More and more is coming out on his financial partnerships in #China not to mention the rumors of bad things he has done stateside. Also more is now coming to light that CNN "anchor" Chris Cuomo was much more involved with damage control in his governor brothers sexual assault cases. He might want to contact Georgie Stepahanopolous for ways to possibly help in that regard. I think Georgie and Hillary called it bimbo control. So enter the arena and help out.

Pick an advertiser from CNN, MSNBC or one of the networks and make a call to customer service requesting they cease advertising with these liars. If we don't start winning these battles we will soon be in trouble.

Turn the tablez on the leftist media, spend 5 minutes and make a call that will make a difference!

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