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They Need to be Stopped

Have you seen enough yet? Have you paid attention watching the corporate leftist news networks lie day after day after day? Have you thought about why they lie? They are not reporting on the corrupt people on the political left and the deep state because they are part of it. We have not been able, at this point, to say who is behind this obviously well coordinated effort to keep the media biased and push the leftist talking points. The fact is that it is a well coordinated and targeted attack that they put forth against anyone on the right who threatens their place in power. Look how the attack on Trump began even before he was sworn in. It was a well thought out, corrupt, untrue sham of an investigation, but in the words of Harry Reid "it worked". For the everyday average, very busy citizen the leftist corporate media has a goal of sound bite news to influence the thinking of the people watching small segments of news. They use misleading headlines or leadins and try to keep the left in power and the agenda advancing. They have shows like The View, This Week and meet the Press trumpeting their message everyday. What we have to do is, using Bud Light as an example, stop trading with leftist woke companies pushing their leftist agenda on us and our children. We think the next woke company on our list should be the parent company of The View and ABC News....Disney. Starting right now we should cancel all premium channels owned and marketed by Disney. We should also, each one of us, avoid all Disney properties and amusement parks. Disney is laying lots of workers right now and that is a horrible thing, but they are also damaging our country through the wokeness they are pushing on our culture. By doing this we can use the only tool we have, the power of not spending our money, and continue Turningthetablez on the corporate leftist media.

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