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Throwing it in Our Face

At this point the leftist corporate news machine is laughing at us! The border is open, inflation is spiking to historic levels, gas prices are spiking, #babyformula can't be found and crime is rampant and increasing. All of this going on and the congress is holding a hearing choreographed by professionals to highlight the fact that Donald Trump was rude and fought back.

They showed selectively edited videos at this hearing for maximum effect. They are running this farce of a hearing, aided by two hand picked republican house members. Pelosi, in an unprecedented move of blatant partisanship, rejected committee members selected by minority leader McCarthy. Now Cheney and Kinzinger are being trotted out to give this committee the appearance of being bipartisan. Kinzinger is hard to figure out, and Cheney is baffling. She is happily helping the most partisan members of congress on this committee. These are staunch liberal leftists who will quickly throw her under the bus the first chance they get. They tried for years to destroy her father. She goes and does interviews bashing Trump with journoactivists who were also attacking her father for years. Maybe her hatred for Trump outweighs all this, or maybe she is just so principled that she feels she must do it this way. If that is the case she shouldn't be in congress, she should be in the clergy! After the committee hearing the journoactivists were out in full force breathlessly talking about how effective the hearing was.

On #CNN the activists even included #ChrisWallace who seemed to be giddy while recapping the proceedings ( we think calling it a hearing just does not seem right). It seems that while this committee is attacking Trump they also are trying to divert attention away from the historically bad job being done by this administration and congress. The leftist corporate #media, as is their assignment, is helping in any way they can. They are at least partially responsible for us having biden as #President. Now that they have him in office they are doing as they are told and trying to extoll the the wonderful job he is doing. As that is becoming increasingly difficult they will start to attack #Trump again. Anything to take away from telling the truth about Biden's performance. We know they are getting their orders from someone. Some they they get them each morning from K street. We must start very soon contacting their #advertisers and making a request to not subsidize their dismantling of America or we will take action with our wallets.

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