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Time to Act

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed how corrupt the whole system has begun? If you have not you are not paying attention. There are reliable places to go for your news but the three major networks along with MSNBC and CNN are definitely not on the list. O'Reilly, Newsmax, Bongino and many of the Fox News shows are good sources of information. The networks mentioned who are not reliable sources of information have a sole purpose of aiding and covering for the democrats and attacking the republicans. When we say aid and cover we mean no matter what. No matter if it's honest or truthful none of that matters as long as they advance the liberal leftist agenda. When we say attack we mean that the same parameters are used. Attack in a way that destroys people and standards of truth and ethics are thrown out the window. When ABC News hired George Stephanopoulos to host This Week what do you think their goal was when they were hiring a guy who made his bones in democratic politics handling bimbo eruptions for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Finally mercifully, Chuck Todd is leaving Meet the Press after replacing Tim Russert following his sudden death. Neither of these guys is a serious journalist in the mold of the previous hosts of these iconic news programs. These two shows have devolved into somewhat of a propaganda transmitter for the democratic party. The ratings for both shows has fallen and while both shows are still profitable the number of viewers is down. Any advertiser on either of these shows who is not Boeing or a pharmaceutical company should be contacted and asked to stop advertising on these dishonest shows. The deep state as it is called is real and it is up to us on the right to stop it. The weapon we have is our ability to not spend our money with the financiers of the propaganda wing of the DNC. Apathy on our side will only lead to defeat. Apathy is what the left and the deep state want us to have. People had better step up if we want to stop the left. They are winning and they are relentless but the one thing that they rely on is the apathy on the right. The weapon we have and it is a massive weapon is our financial buying power. If we will use this correctly it can be a very effective tool to combat the political left. Disney, The parent company of ABC News, must be avoided by not going on any of their properties and cancelling all premium Disney channels. They are feeling the financial pinch already and it has to be kept up. Any advertisers on CNN or MSNBC should be contacted and asked to stop the advertising. Many very good articles are written about the corrupt press. The vast majority of these articles are better than what we can write here at Turningthetablez but it is time to not just talk about how corrupt they are. The time has come to do something about it in the only way that we can

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