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Total and Complete Corruption

Have you been alarmed or scared by the events being played out in front of you? It would seem that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the federal gov't working together in a highly organized manner to fight the election of Trump should scare you very badly. Two big questions come out of this? Why are they so desperate to have Trump out of power and who is behind the scenes choreographing all of this? The obvious answer to the first is that they have globalist, power hungry goals that Trump would not allow. The second is more complicated, and we cannot help but wonder if a certain ex community organizer is pulling some strings. Of course all the community organizing in the world wouldn't do any good if the media would do its job. The media is getting its marching orders from somewhere. It is starting to look more and more like the old community organizer Barack Obama may be the man behind the scenes. We know it's not Hillary, she is not smart enough and also she is not likeable enough for enough people to sign on with her to go down this road. Likability is not as integral to this as it could be because of the blind loyalty that many leftists have to the ultimate goal of the transformation of America and the power that would come with it. We write a short alarm blaring article twice a week on here, but the stuff that is going on today should be raising alarms all over the country all day long. The FBI has now obviously become corrupt at the management level and there is not hardly a peep from the media. The establishment media anyway. Not only is the FBI not investigating the corrupt things that are going on but they are now admitting in some cases like that of Hillary Clinton all the evidence has been destroyed. Again, nary a peep from the leftist corporate media. Can you imagine if The View mentioned this instead of their usual drivel? Their viewers might actually be forced to think about what is going on. The parent company of The View, Disney, should be totally and completely boycotted by anyone who does not approve of the media. ABC News is an open book of a shill for all things woke and democratic. Networks and shows like MSNBC, CNN and Meet the Press must be dealt with financially which is the only way we have to deal with them. They are harming society on a daily basis and they do not care much anymore about trying to disguise it. Remember to cancel all Disney channels and stay off their properties and maybe we can continue Turningthetablez on the leftist media. One other quick note....don't you think it would be a good idea to plan ahead and not walk in a Target ever again???

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