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Total Corruption

Have you had enough yet? Have you seen enough from the corrupt, leftist media and their partners on capitol hill and the pharmaceutical companies? To put it frankly, have been treated like an idiot enough yet to change your spending and viewing habits enough to stifle what is going on? We had planned today to provide, in our opinion, a list of reliable, quality, alternative news sources for you to get information from instead of the legacy media and CNN. Then the news came out about the Covid virus and the Wuhan lab. Turns out all the conspiracy theorists were right. U.S. Intelligence now says the virus originated from a leak from the Wuhan Lab. Will there be Breaking News on the three major networks and CNN later that U.S. Intelligence is spreading disinformation!!! There were journoactivists, democrat politicians, Hollywood "experts" and the usual crowd on the airwaves daily talking about what a travesty it was that there were people out there saying it made more sense for this virus to have escaped from the Wuhan lab. According to them it came from the wet market and we needed to just shut up and take our vaccine shots. Tens of thousands of animals were tested and not a single one was ever found to be a carrier of the virus but they continued to stick with their story. Why would they do that yopu ask? For the same reason they always stick to the story. They stuck to the Hillary Clinton Benghazi line, the Hillary Clinton private server line was more just swept under the rug like so many other stories. Now they are attempting to ignore this huge revelation. This story will be impossible to ignore. Some media outlets like the NYT is till sticking to their story and no doubt will until told to do otherwise. Politifact repeatedly referred to the lab leak as a conspiracy theory. One time they even headlined a story stating that the lab leak was a debunked conspiracy theory that would be discussed and promoted on the Tucker Carlson show that night. Something tells me Tucker won't let them off the hook easily. More than the fact that these media outlets were spreading, are you ready for it, DISINFORMATION it was the condescending way in which they did it. Any of us out here who were ignorant and unsophisticated enough to think the lab leak might be legitimate were rubes not to be taken seriously. The media members, though ethically challenged, are not stupid. You have to think that many of the journoactivists shared our opinion on the origin of the Covid virus. The need to toe the company line and not rock the boat apparently won out over the practice of journalism. Many of the journalist at the legacy media are so dyed in the wool true believer liberals they would have believed and trumpeted whatever the liberal think tanks came with as the convenient and useful cause of the the virus. that's the thing. The virus was used as a tool to get rid of a conservative president and to that there can be no doubt. To use a term often trumpeted by the left this is "settled science". Now we must ask ourselves what other convenient and useful things have they reported breathlessly on that were total bunk. Some of the journalists/activists say whatever they are told to say to keep drawing their huge salaries. there is nothing wrong with drawing a big salary but what you do to earn it does matter. If you're harming the population of this country it matters big time. Were the vaccines legitimate and needed? The lockdowns that led to the ruin of so many businesses and livelihoods? The wearing of masks that many say were useless against the tiny virus? These things must be examined and people must find alternative sources for reliable, accurate news and help us to continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media. More on this next time.

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