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Two Sets of Rules

Have you seen enough yet? Have you taken notice of how it is beginning to be a little scary to see how the government is being weaponized against Donald Trump. It's all out there now, and it certainly appears that the FBI has been weaponized against Trump. This has been going on for years, but now they have decided there is really no more need to even try to hide what they are doing. Is there any doubt that all past presidents more than likely have classified material in a box somewhere, intentional or not intentional. Trump obviously had classified material, he has not denied that. As President the question is whether it is classified material if he said it was not as is his privilege. Another thing that is not in dispute is the fact that Biden also had classified multiple locations none of which were acquired while Biden was president. The amount of the materials in Biden's possession vary, but some claim it to be a massive amount. As far as we know there are no charges pending in any way against Biden. Hillary Clinton had thousands of classified emails and no charges were ever filed over that. Then they all turned up missing and no charges were ever filed for that either. Then it turns out the devices belonging to her were altered and still no charges. There is a pattern here and it sure does seem that there are two sets of rules in DC.. One set for democrats, a rather lax set and a strict set for republicans. If this is not election tampering what is? The fifty one CIA officials who used semantics when sending a letter to help defeat Trump in 2020 were also certainly election tampering. It's getting pretty hard to win an election if you're a republican. You have to run against the democrat while the IRS, CIA , FBI and the corrupt media have you under constant attack. There lies the biggest issue in this matter. With out a free and non-corrupt press this country cannot function properly. The media is totally corrupt and in the tank for the political left and the elites. If they do not change or if we do not force a change this country has had it. All the people out there had better get their apathy under control and take steps to combat what is being done or you are going to have John Kerrey and Barack Obama deciding how you should live your life. They would like nothing more than to have total control over things and dictate to you how will do everything from cook your breakfast to how you get to and from work. We are betting it will not be in a private jet the way they do. It's time we got angry and took steps to alter the way this is going. The only way we can do that is buy choosing more carefully and strategically how we spend our money. We must take steps to cut off the money supply to the media outlets doing this and also to their parent companies when we can. Disney who owns ABC News should be avoided at all costs and their premium channels should be cancelled immediately. Alternative ways of getting our information and entertainment should be sought out and the boycotts of Bud Lite and Target should continue as well.. If they were going by viewers CNN should be tossed from the Directtv and Dish Network rosters. It's getting serious and the only way we can make an impact, along with everyone voting, is to exercise our right not to spend money with entities that are trying to transform the way our country functions and attack anyone from our side who tries to slow them down. It's time for the silent majority to speak up.

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