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Unashamed and Brazen

Are they being dooped, or are they all in for the cause? If spying on a Presidential candidate wasn't enough now we find out they were spying on the Presidency of Donald Trump. Besides dealing with Russia and China, trump had to also combat being spied on by Americans. It's all starting to come out now, bit the journoactivists at the major networks are totally ignoring it. For years they prodded the Trump-Russia story. That story, now proven mythical, was apparently 180 degrees away from the truth. They are now suppressing what many people are calling the crime of the century. At the very least this could be the political crime of the century.

Hillary Clinton, Who has spent her entire adult life in pursuit of the of being elected president not only spied on her opponent Donald Trump, but also seems very likely to have been involved in the spying on President Donald #Trump. Besides spying on the Trump campaign the Clinton campaign, apparently in alliance with the FBI and the CIA targeted private individuals. Gen Flynn, George Papadopolous, Carter Page and others were targeted by the investigators. The investigators incarcerated, bankrupted and savaged normal citizens working for and with Donald Trump. In #Hillary we have a woman who despite being put on a pedestal by the media, basically rode the coattails of her husband to DC. In the quest for power, and fully aided by the media, the Clinton campaign ravaged the lives of citizens who were in their way. Gen Flynn served his country faithfully for decades and now is bankrupt and had to sell his home. George Papadopolous spent 12 days in jail and Carter Page had his life and livelihood turned upside down. Starting with the fabricated, false and very expensive Steele dossier the entrapment began. From the start the media couldn't help them fast enough. Maybe they were dooped which shouldn't be all that hard.

The journoactivists on CNN, MSNBC and some on the big #networks aren't exactly brain surgeons. Don lemon (who has his own legal saga), Nicole Wallace and Lawrence O'Donnell are above all else doopable. The modern day useful idiots are much better compensated than the originals with some drawing 7 and even 8 figure salaries. To get things straight now, the complicit media happily relayed information given to them by representatives (official or unofficial) of the Clinton campaign which was spying on the trump campaign because of a phony and fabricated document that was leaked to a complicit media who worked with government officials to perpetuate a prolonged investigation. Which cost $32M.....and found nothing! Did we also mention that the Clinton campaign, through a law firm, paid for the phony , fabricated document known as the Steele dossier? A $32M lie aided by the networks, CNN, MSNBC, NYT Washington Post and others. It's time to cancel subscriptions and contact advertisers. We have to turn the tablez and stop the dismantling of America.

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