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Have you seen enough yet? The entire state/media journoactivist horde is going crazy in panic as the Biden ship is taking on water. There is an unbelievable amount of alarm on the part of the political left at the possibility of Trump being elected. they are doing stuff that is totally nuts and desperate. If we had a balanced and legitimate media the stories would be very alarming. The vast majority of these activists masquerading as journalists today spend their time covering for the political left instead of reporting on them. The three legacy networks and the jokes that are CNN and MSNBC are a continuous loop of Democrat lackeys apologizing/covering for Biden while screaming about how awful Trump and the republicans are. For the most part we, as informed citizens, do not waste our time watching all these channels. So many people do watch channels ingesting the crap put out there by these lying networks, and just assuming they are being told the truth. If these bogus "journalists" did their job this would be the way things were meant to function between the citizens and the press. While it is very important that we continue our avoidance of all things Disney, the parent company of ABC News and The View, we must also find and tell our friends about reliable and accurate sources for our news. We must continue our efforts to cut off the money supply from the corrupt media and affect them in the only way we can. There are plenty of reliable sources out there to get our news from. By finding and utilizing reliable and accurate sources for our news we can lessen the power in the hands of the establishment and the political left. They seem to be poised to stop at nothing to avoid an outsider like Trump from geeting into office again. It's all about power and in the next year there will undoubtedly be some strange things happen to allow them ways to keep there hands on the power they currently have. Ideally, we could bankrupt the corrupt media or establish a new ownership that would be interested in providing real, balanced news instead the lying drivel they send out now. There are are many choices out there that can be utilized for news sources such as O"Reilly, Bongino, Newsmax and many conservative web sites. Some of these web sites are skewed to the right politically but it is still far more reliable and accurate than the old three networks and CNN are. Anything from Tucker Carlson should be sought out and much of it is eye opening and brazenly out of the box with its thinking. Patrick Bet David and Valuetainment is another one that is extremely informative and vastly different from the legacy networks. Remember to avoid all things Disney. We will work on ideas to reduce the money supply for CBS News and NBC but for now we will concentrate on Disney and its corruption. In this way we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt corporate media.

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