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Using the Power we Have

Have you had enough yet? Gonna finally cancel Directtv for canceling Newsmax? Gonna switch that AT&T phone service over to Patriot Mobile? If you let it be known because of the joke of a biased news station that CNN is you are going to no longer due business with AT&T it might cost the parent company, Discovery, enough money that they will either change CNN or cancel it altogether. These channels, CNN, and the three legacy network news shows are harming America. They are working daily with, and could even be considered a part of, the deep state. They are staffed by democratic hacks like Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd. Most of the rest of the journoactivists employed by these purveyors of propaganda are overpaid liberals more than happy to spew talking points for the cause. Reporting the news is not their goal, advancing the agenda is their main goal. Another term used to describe these people and the people they pick to interview are the elites. I say pick to interview because that is what they do. They pick people who will do useful interviews agreeing with the party line or confirming whatever point they are trying to advance. The "Elites" are usually academics, former politicians, or just people that have credibility in the Washington beltway. They are deep staters with a goal of advancing the leftist agenda. Another term for the "Elites" could the "Better Than You" crowd. They can tell you what you should think and condemn anyone who disagrees with the agenda being put forth by the leftist corporate media. This group of social busy bodies constantly are berating anyone who disagrees with their point of view. They are the ones who birthed the cancel culture. They have a group of causes they are trying to advance and in the words of Jordan Peterson "none of their causes are too great for others to bear". They have little to no concern for the impact of their policies on the everyday person working for a living in the US. Just like the whales apparently being killed by the wind farms off the east coast they don't care what their policies do to our lives as everyday normal citizens because according to them it's what we need to be doing! They're smarter than us and wee need to just shut up and do what they say. If we resist we are portrayed as a racist, bigot, mysogynist or just a simpleton. There are so many things the news could be covering, but don't due to the fact that it would harm the advancing of their agenda. The democrats and the media prey on apathy and stupidity. We must educate ourselves using alternative news sources and we must get organized to better affect the advertisers who pay the salaries of the journoactivists at these media propaganda farms. We need to educate ourselves on The Great Reset and read about people involved in it so we can fight against it. The one tool we do have is the massive buying power or the power to not buy products. If this power could be harnessed we could have massive political power to stem the tide of the leftist message being sent out daily in the country by the corporate media. We can make a positive impact by Turningthetablez on the leftist corporate media before it is too late.

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