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Have you seen enough yet? Have you helped pay the salaries of the journoactivists who daily make excuses and helped cover for the corrupt political left ? We do that daily by trading with the advertisers who fund their existence on the airwaves.

We, the political right, have been disenfranchised to use one of their favorite terms. The corrupt corporate media has been all in on shady election practices at the very least and using to remove President Trump at the worst. Lately, we have seen evidence of the media actually reporting in a truthful way on President Biden and the classified documents he apparently had scattered all over the east coast.

It has to make you wonder what is up? They never do this. They normally are conducting a difficult dance of reporting on the Bidens vs covering for them. It seems very fishy to see the the very people who toiled for months to get Biden elected not reporting on him in a negative manner. What are they going to do about the laptop if/when the US Attorney from Connecticut brings charges against Hunter. They told everyone for a year that the laptop was a false story and attacked anyone who said it was. We are finding out now that 1/6 of Biden voters would have changed their vote if they had known the truth about the hunter laptop.

The corporate leftist media were aiding Biden daily while acting on their vendetta for trump. when you see the mess that Biden is creating in multiple areas no one is more responsible for it than the corporate media who covered for Biden day after day. As voters in this country we have to be more conscious of what we are dealing with as voters. Literally nothing can be trusted about the information given out by the media. We have to use newer, more reliable sources of information to base our decisions on. Bill O'Reilly, The Gateway Pundit, Red State and Townhall are just a few of the sources that should be accessed.

On TV Fox News along with Newsmax should be viewed. The traditional Sunday news shows have become a joke while being staffed be democratic hacks who in the words of Sen Ron Johnson don't interview guests, they attack them. That's a story for another column. The way these places are reporting the news is insanity. The way we subsidize them is also insane. We are supporting the very people trying to politically harm us on a daily basis.

Let's contact customer service depts and start Turningthetablez on these political hack journoactivists!

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