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What's Going on?

Have you seen enough yet? Have you become outraged and scared based on what you see going on? The one thing that is constant with all of the crazy stuff going on is that you can bet the media will not report on any of it if it is not beneficial to the democrats. When you find a reliable and accurate source of news the you can get a clear picture of what is really going on and some very big questions will come up at this time. One of them will probably be "Is this the most destructive administration in our history?" It appears climate change and transgenderism are their two biggest priorities. If that seems a little out of whack to you then maybe we can agree on some things. Another question might be just how much money can be printed, causing inflation, before the country is just finished. This issue goes hand in hand with the national debt which has blame to be placed on many people in both parties, and also include the voters who keep voting for free stuff. It is starting to appear that corruption, both in the government and in the media, may be a huge factor in the problems going on now in this country. When an audit was done recently at the pentagon the found a slight discrepancy. Slight like $3 Trillion dollars! That is trillion with a T! Why is this not on the news every night? If Trump were President this would be being blasted from megaphones by the media. This may not have all happened in the last 10-15 years but if trump were president it would be presented in a manner that makes it sound like it all happened under his watch. So many crazy things are going on now that are hard to explain or just plain do not make sense. Why is the border open even though Mayorkas idiotically says it is closed? This is damaging the country which is becoming more obvious every day. Is the left harming our country purposely? Are they against America? It is not as outrageous of a question as it used to be. More and more the corruption out there is painfully obvious. At the same time the media is more and more in the tank for the democrats. Lesley Stahl made a fool of herself arguing the legitimacy of the laptop. With rating going in the toilet NBC News FINALLY replaced Chuck Todd. The ability to withhold our money as consumers is the only way we have to fight back against the woke media and corporate behemoths trying to transform our country. It also is, short of buying them, the best tool we have to fight with. Just ask Disney, but more on that next time. Crazy, damaging things are going on here and we think people are starting to take notice. Will it be enough to win in the next election? The question is, with the amount of shady stuff that is going to go on in 2024 how many legitimate votes to we have to win by to make it impossible to steal the election. Who would have ever thought we would, in America, ask a question like that but that is what it has come to at this time? Obama, Clinton and their cohorts have done a good job in their unceasing efforts to get their grip on power. That much has become obvious. We must concentrate our financial efforts against the corrupt media and corporate efforts which make all of this corruption possible. We must not fund Disney, Target, Facebook or advertisers on CNN and MSNBC through direct boycotts or their advertisers. This is the only way we can fight back and Turn the tablez on this leftist corruption.

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