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Which Side Are They On

Have you seen enough yet? Have you begun to notice the full fledged corruption going on in the media? We are sure most of you noticed it a long time ago, but an alarmingly high number of people are still not picking up on the fact. It seems to us now that one of, if not the most, influential things going on in politics today is the bias and corruption of the media. Day after day the media are beating the drum of "Trump is bad" and the republicans and MAGA people are evil personified. The corruption and downright ineptitude of the Biden-Harris administration are covered up and hidden on a daily basis by the corrupt leftist media. So many of the crazy, dishonest things going on today would be impossible if not for the corrupt, biased and inept leftist media. The things we are talking about being made possible by a complicit media are damaging to the country. The constant drumbeat of the compliant leftist media against any and all things which paint Trump and republicans in a bad light might be responsible for the mess that is the Biden-Harris administration being elected. Too many people are easily influenced by the windbags in the media and don't think they don't know it. In a way they prey on a very busy and apathetic public to influence their thinking and voting patterns. It's time people started being a little harder to prey on by these vultures in the media by making themselves into a little more knowledgeable voting public. People must begin voting for what is best for the future and maybe not just whatever lie they are told that sound most beneficial. So many of the politicians are opportunistic ne'er do wells and if they had to go out and make it on their own it would be quite a struggle. Any politicians on either side of the aisle should be removed from office if this is the case. Speaking about the left right now we have a hard time imagining Swalwell or Schiff prospering in the private sector. Part of the reason is general incompetence and part is just the way they make your skin crawl when they are speaking. They just exude sliminess and seem to both be candidates for the poster boy of a slimy politician. Staying on the left, it appears that Joe Biden from Scranton (insert eye roll here) has been using his position in politics as a way to enrich him and his family. Actually we have all suspected for years now that this was the case. We would like to add one more notable to our list of degenerate corrupt politicians who cannot help themselves when it comes enriching themselves with the power that comes from their elected position. Nancy Pelosi along with her husband Paul have made boxcars of money by making stock at JUST the right moment but Nancy assures us that to even ask her about that should be grounds for removal from a press conference. How could any of us everyday people have the gall to even expect her to answer such a question she would say with righteous indignation! She doesn't really have much to worry about from the DC press corps because except for a virtuous few most of them are dyed in the wool liberals already in the bad for her side. They wouldn't think of it. Add these to the long list of self serving politicians who are in it for their own good or at the very least to have their ego massaged. The media is no better, they have their egomaniacs like Acosta, Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd who are extremely high paid and are really nothing more than a high priced political schill. Put us way up on the list of folks who wish that Trump would tweet less although we do understand that is his main method of fighting back against a media that has him vastly outnumbered and are on the attack twenty four hrs a day. Even though we could appreciate less tweeting we have respect for the fact that he has entered into the political arena at his own cost and peril. His life was no doubt simpler and less stressful before he came into politics. To us here that is the one thing that is not talked about enough. Trump did not come into politics for self gain he came out on the losing end of that equation. He upset the apple cart and has been under attack by those on both sides who are "insiders" and members of the establishment. At no time during the Trump administration was ever any doubt that he was putting America first which is something that is not quite so obvious now. You would think that at some point voters would recognize this and contrast it with the leaches who spend all their time in search of power and money while in office and on the airwaves. Just a thought

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