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Which Side Are They On

Have you seen enough yet? Have you begun to ask the question Who's side are these people on? It appears the left will now stop at nothing to keep their hold on power. Look at what they did in 2020 to get it. Is there any doubt that they will do at least that and more to keep their grip on power in 2024? The corporate broadcast media was totally and unashamedly in the tank for Biden in 2020, and we can already see that they are even moreso in the leadup to this next election. Huge corporations are also in the tank for the political left and will not stop no matter the cost to their companies. Disney stock is down 17% and the people in charge there acknowledge that it is due to the lurch leftward by that company and its push for woke values and issues. Apparently their motto is don't let consumers or investors get in the way of "progress". It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that these policies are harming this country, and yet they continue an all out push to advance them more on a daily basis. This again leads to the disturbing question of who's side are they on? We must assist and help Disney/ABC News in their quest to destroy themselves. If we do not send money to Disney then they will be stopped in their effort to advance their leftist agenda onto our children and we could hinder ABC News and their efforts as a propaganda arm of the DNC. If APPLE buys this duo we can only hope that Elon musk starts selling phones. That's a story for another day though. Once again we tell you how there are so many crazy things going on and the media either ignore most of them or cover them in a very biased way. Listening to the legacy media we are told inflation is behind us. The priorities of the political left is absolutely asinine. The D.C. mayor runs a city that has had 900 carjackings in the last year and yet this mayor will be gone until Dec 12 to an overseas climate conference??? The philosophy of climate change has come under attack more and more with many saying it is mainly a way to get control of all of us. So we have a head of Homeland Security who swears the border is closed. We have a President and Democratic mayors who believe white people and climate are a greater threat to America than Iran and China and we have a media who agree with whatever Biden says or at least acts like they do. They do this because that's what they are told to do. We will leave you today with one of the more unhinged, asinine rants we have seen lately even for MSNBC .

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