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With so many people angry and fed up with the bias of the corporate media,

Why are we continuing to pay for it? We on the right are very busy with every day life but an effort needs to be made to offset the destructive bias of the corporate media. #Bias may not be the word to best describe their efforts.

Agenda as in an outright agenda might be more accurate. Whether its the thinly veiled partnership of Chuck Todd, the arrogant holier than thou " instructions" given by Don Lemon, or the hateful, condescending sarcasm of Joy Behar it can't be ignored. We can walk out on our porches and yell about or we can speak with our wallets.

It's time to counter the leftist media on the financial level. We will be listing "subsidizers" of the corporate media along with along with contact numbers to let them know you do not agree with their decision to spend advertising money with the leftists. Please take 3 minutes and help turn the tablez on the leftist media.

  1. Coca Cola (800) 438-2653

I wonder if Coca Cola is boycotting the Braves!

  1. Tide + Gain (Proctor and Gamble) (513) 983 1100

  2. Tractor Supply (877) 718-6750

I'm betting very few liberals or leftists are found in these articles.

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