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Complete and Total Corruption

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been outraged and wondered what to do in response to the corruption exhibited in the media? They know longer are what the media was meant to be, they are just a wing of the democratic party. They function in a very precise and organized way that one would think has to be arranged in a daily basis. The talking head journoactivists have no interest in presenting the news in an organized, unbiased and informative fashion. They do what they're paid to do......extoll the virtues of the left and the shortcomings of the political right. To do otherwise would more than likely end their careers. Somewhere, which we cannot figure out, there is a person or a committee of leftists coordinating this media effort. It's enough to make you wonder if a community organizer wasn't involved in the founding of this effort. there is a reason the percent of people who trust the media has went in the toilet, but there are also many people out there who hear the propaganda being spewed on the networks and just assume it's true. We must get educated as to what the goals of the corrupt, leftist media are, and how they are going about achieving them. They go about achieving their goals by being very selective of the questions they ask and the people they ask them to. In no way will Georgie Stephanopoulos actually interview a conservative who will call him for the crap he pulls. They bring on RINOs or a Trump hater that he can ask leading questions to and achieve the desired result. Chuck Todd does have a little more guts when interviews are chosen but when a conservative starts to call him out he acts exasperated and gets angry. The conservative interviewee should never agree to go into this loaded situation but if he does he should be prepared to be calm but aggressive and not give an inch. Stay calm and let Chuck lose his cool and if needed the conservative should call Georgie or Chuck a liar and remove himself from the set. The task of defeating the corrupt, leftist media is a hard one and the deck is stacked against us. We hold the ultimate trump card of cutting off their money supply but that too is difficult and very inconvenient but can be done with persistence and achieve our goal of Turningthetablez on the damage being done by these corrupt actors. If you have any ideas on how our goal of stopping the corrupt media can happen please email us at Thank You

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