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Hold the Media Responsible

We now have a president that is the laughingstock of the world. That is significant for so many reasons. Countries have zero respect for an America led by Joe Biden. They also have zero fear. Fear might not exactly be the right word, re4spect could be substituted for fear. Either way it is bad for America and its citizens, supporters of Trump or Biden alike. There has also been instances of dealings with China that appear to always end up a little bit short of what they should be in harshness for China. Is there a reason for that? Could China "own" Scranton Joe through the payments to Hunter that without a doubt included a cut for the big guy? How did we end up in such a leadership mess? We have the media to thank and they should be dealt with and punished very harshly. They must, at this point, be defunded. The media, who were deemed essential to a correctly functioning democracy by the founding fathers, have become nothing more than a functioning propaganda arm of the democrat party. Day after day they interview carefully selected guests who will help the advancement of the liberal agenda with carefully selected questions in scripted interviews. It appears the vast majority of the media activity is done in a very pre planned, scripted fashion. We have an ex bimbo controller for the Clintons leading the ABC News political coverage who goes so far as shaming rape survivors to get his twisted political agenda advanced. Has he interviewed Biden about his sexual assault accuser? Absolutely not! NBC News had a leader of their political coverage and the host of Meet the Press hosting democratic fund raisers at this home. We now have democrats trying to advance legislation that would strip Trump of Secret Service protection all the while he is being taken to court multiple times over totally bogus crimes. It has all been fabricated by the left and everyone knows it. It's time to get angry and bring financial pain to the media. It also would help if there were less uninformed voters who could be preyed on by the political left. Uninformed voters cannot become informed by watching CNN or the big three networks. People must use sources for news like Bongino, Bartiromo, O'Reilly, Joe Rogan, Valuetainment and others but we must seek out alternative sources like Newsmaxx and those listed above. The media lies to us every day and it appears many of them hate America. It is time we tuned out from these channels altogether and avoided parent companies like Disney. By doing this we can succeed in our efforts to keep Turningthetablez on the corrupt, lying corporate media.

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