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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How much more are we going to put up with? Time after time the "news" is fabricated to fit the agenda of the left and the democrats. The ever popular unnamed source, or liberals willing to be quoted as "experts" bring up a subject harmful to the right or helpful to the left and the journoactivists ran with it!

The corporate leftist media search high and low for guests who will agree with, and advance their agenda. The hosts of the show ask a leading question and off they go into blame the right land. The corporate media is, in effect, working hand in hand with #Pelosi and #Schumer. People are very busy with everyday life, and don't have time to research what the media is telling them. The leftist media know this and are taking FULL advantage. They are slowly advocating the left's agenda of further dividing us and trying to increase the "wokeness" of America. Its time to use the conservatives ultimate tool..... their financial buying power. More specifically, their power not to buy.

Below, we are going to list a few of the subsidizers of the leftist media. Some may be idealistic, woke, crusading leftist. Others have an advertising budget that a staff has been hired to spend. Hopefully a quick call to customer service will work as a gentle nudge that will change their spending habits. If not we will change ours as a way of turning the tablez on the corporate media.

Here are 3 products/companies that advertise regularly with shows on CNN and/or The View. Give customer service a quick call requesting they stop

subsidizing these leftist. Give a quick thank you to advertising on Fox news though.

  1. ADT (800) 521-1734 *ADT aslo advertises on Greg Gut

felds's so you might mention kudos to them for that!

  1. Triscuit (877) 535-5666 * I really like Triscuit but I am gonna have to stop eating the if they are gonna subsidize CNN and The View.

  2. Tractor Supply (877) 718- 6750 * I'm betting very few liberals or leftist are going through these articles.

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